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If you have a question, please check to see if it's been answered here before e-mailing. Thanks!
amy sedaris
i like you by amy sedaris


Is this a fan site, or Amy's official site? is a unofficial fan site, though Amy does occasionally contribute to it. If you're slightly confused because you clicked on, or typed in, ("Shouldn't that be her official site?") and landed here, that's because Amy does not have an official site, so we're redirecting the domain name here for the time being.

Where can I buy Amy's cupcakes or cheeseballs?
When she has time, and is in the mood to bake and make deliveries, Amy's cupcakes can be found at Joe in New York (on Waverly Place). I suggest calling to see if they're available before making a trip over there. Her Li'l Smokey Cheeseballs are sold at Gourmet Garage in New York, though Gourmet Garage makes them--not Amy. You can find her recipes for both of these foods on this page. It's my understanding that Amy doesn't sell cupcakes much anymore.

How can I write to/contact Amy?
She doesn't really have a fan mail or public address. Grand Central Publishing (Amy's publisher), however, states on their website:

Although we receive a great number of requests, we're not able to release the phone, fax, mailing or email addresses of any of our authors. If you'd like to send a letter to your favorite author, you can do so via a standard letter, addressed as follows:

Amy Sedaris
c/o Author Mail
Grand Central Publishing
237 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Please understand that it is up to the discretion of the individual author as to whether or not a correspondence will be answered.

I get asked fairly often if Grand Central will foward gifts or items other than letters. To be honest, I have no idea. But before you send Amy that treasured family heirloom, you might want to read the second page of an interview I did with her a few years ago.

Will Amy be coming to my city on her book tour?
Here is Amy's fall/winter 2010 book tour schedule. All public appearances and book signings that I know about will be posted on the site. If she's doing a public appearance that is not part of the book tour, it will be mentioned here.

Where does Amy get her dresses and aprons?
Many of Amy's dresses, like the ones she wears on talk shows, and aprons (i.e. ones worn on Martha Stewart and the cover of her book) are custom made by Mary Adams. More recently, most of her custom dresses have been made by Adam Selman.

i like you by amy sedaris
Comments, questions, rants or raves? You can e-mail me, Katie (not Amy) at katie.r AT

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