Amy’s first guest appearance on Alpha House

Amy Sedaris guest stars as Louise Laffer on the new Amazon original series Alpha House.

Amy Sedaris guest stars as Louise Laffer on the new Amazon original series Alpha House.

Amy Sedaris made her first of multiple special guest appearances on this week’s episode of Amazon’s new original series, Alpha House! The series, which stars John Goodman, revolves around four senators who work–and live–together in Washington, DC. Amy plays the role of Louise Laffer, wife of Senator Louis Laffer. Epiodes will be added on a weekly basis, and are currently only available to Amazon Prime subscribers. Today’s episode is #4 (out of ten total in the first season), and when asked how many episodes of Alpha House she did, Amy thought she might be in five or six. So, hopefully we’ll be seeing more of Amy in the majority of forthcoming episodes!

Rabbit Care with Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris and Mary Cotter rabbit care videos for Howcast

Amy and rabbit expert Mary Cotter have created a series of 49 super informative–and of course, super adorable–Howcast video guides on taking care of a rabbit. Anyone who has a rabbit, or is thinking of getting one, needs to hop (ha…) on over and watch these, as there’s a lot more to having a pet rabbit than most people realize. If you’re new to Amy and thinking that this is an odd thing to do, nope! Amy has had her mini-rex rabbit, Dusty, for nearly 11 years (and another bunny before that), and she’s an advocate for rabbit adoption and care, being an honorary rabbit educator for the House Rabbit Society. Anyway, check out the guides! Learn how to take care of a pet rabbit with bunny lover Amy Sedaris and rabbit expert Mary Cotter >>

*Ed. note–and shameless plug :)–Amy used two of my recipes for homemade rabbit treats in her books, I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence and Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People, but you can find them both online. Amy’s bunny has always gone nuts for these (mine, too)! The holidays are just around the corner. If you like to bake, these would make a great treat for any rabbit or rabbit owner: Elliot’s Cilantro Treats (scroll down) and Katie’s Smack Snacks for Rabbits

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