Wigfield book signings

Amy Sedaris, “Wigfield” book signings: 5/13/03 7:30 PM at Barnes & Noble ? Astor Place. New
York, NY. 5/31/03 2:00 PM at Chapter 11 Books -Peachtree Battle. Atlanta, GA. Thanks, Tony
L, for the info! —– COMMENT:
AUTHOR: Leah EMAIL: keymonkey@hotmail.com URL:
DATE: 05/28/2003 3:40:00 AM I wonder too when the San Francisco Wigfield booksigning will
be. Read about it in the Wave as being the 13, 14th or 15 of June, but this itinerary sez she’ll be
in Boston. —– COMMENT:
AUTHOR: Yanni EMAIL: ygeorgiou@aol.com URL:
DATE: 04/30/2003 3:43:00 PM When are you guys coming to San Francisco? When and where?
where to get tickets? We just saw David last Monday and now we’re looking forward to Amy.

Wigfield on tour

According to wigfield.com, Amy, Paul Dinello and Stephen Colbert will be performing
“Wigfield, the Can-Do Town that Just May Not” in several cities. Here are the dates and places
listed so far:
May 2 & 3, New Chicago Center for the Performing Arts
May 9-10 New York – Jane Street Theatre
May 14, Sympony Space in NYC (This appearance is no longer on the Wigfield web site, but
Symphony Space still has it)
May 16, 17 – New York City – Jane Street Theatre
May 30, 31 – Atlanta – Woodruff Arts Center, 14th Street Playhouse (tickets on sale May 1)
June 6,7 – Washington, D.C. – Marvin Center G.W. Campus (tickets on sale May 9)
June 13, 14 – Boston – Sommerville Theatre (tickets on sale May 9)
AUTHOR: Mary Griffin EMAIL: VivianKosiba@aol.com URL:
DATE: 05/24/2003 4:26:00 PM Please bring Wigfield bcak to NYcity. I didn’t hear about it until
the DAILEY NEWS had an article abouyt the stage version… I loved Strangers Waith Candy..
.Mary —– COMMENT:
AUTHOR: Daniel Pena EMAIL: dpena7@pacbell.net URL:
DATE: 05/12/2003 4:26:00 PM I’m a huge Amy Sedaris fan I just saw her brother David Sedaris
in LA. Bring this tour to the west coast!!!

Check out the forum

Visit our new forum – maybe YOU can be the dweeb without a life – uh – the on-top-of-it Amy
fan who makes the first post.

SWC movie in development

According to Filmstar Productions, a Strangers with Candy movie is in development.

Amy in Index

A vigilant Amy fan and member of the Jerri Blank Yahoo! group reports that the December issue
of Index Magazine has Amy interviewing the fabulous Jennifer Coolidge, who played Sheri Ann
Ward Cabot in Best in Show. She also was in Legally Blond, American Pie 2 and Zoolander.

DVDs, at last

According to zentertainment.com, Comedy Central is planning to release DVDs of Strangers
with Candy and other series that aired on the network. No word on when, or how many, but it’s
about damn time. It also appears that as a marketing ploy, Comedy Central is airing Strangers
re-runs again. Our TVGuide search shows several back-to-back episodes in the wee hours of
Tuesday, Feb. 25. Get those Tivos fired up…

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